The Editing Process - How It WorksStep 1: Read our disclaimer, pricing and payments pages
Step 2: Make payment
Step 3: Submit your document
Step 4: New user registration
Step 5: We edit your document
Step 6: We return your document
Step 7: FREE Revisions if required
Step 8: A job well done

Step 1: Read our disclaimer, pricing and payments pages

If you’re a new client, please read our disclaimer, pricing and payment pages so you understand our rules and systems.

Step 2: Make payment

Calculate how many words are in your document, decide your return deadline and then go to our pricing page to figure out how much your editing will cost.

Next head to the payment options and make payment.

Step 3: Submit your document

We prefer that you submit your document in Microsoft Word format attached to an email to us.

If you would like to arrange an alternative submission method, please contact us.

When submitting your work, please make sure you include all relevant details including your deadline, word count and whether you need your references checked or modified to meet a specific format.

Once we receive your work we will send back an email confirming that we have your document. If you do not receive a confirmation email please don’t assume we have received your document – check with us first!

Step 4: New User Registration

If you have not used our service before we ask you to register as our client. Registration takes about one minute. We ask you to register so we can contact you if we have any questions about your document.

Step 5: We edit your document

Our administrator will select the most appropriate editor to work on your document and forward it to him or her along with your instructions. Editing begins immediately assuming there are no problems with payment if upfront payment is required.

For large thesis projects your editor will contact you directly via email to introduce him/herself and make him/herself available for any questions or requests you may have. You are permitted to communicate with your editor regarding any editing queries. All administration and payment questions should always be directed to the administrator.

Step 6: We return your document

You will be sent two versions of your document in Microsoft Word format via email.
1. The first version, entitled “Edited”, is a clean, edited copy that is ready to print or publish.
2. The second version, entitled “Critique”, includes a letter from your editor outlining what changes were made and why they were made. Your editor may also suggest important areas to look at before printing or publishing your document.

Below this letter you will find a “tracked changes” copy of your document. This utilizes the ‘Track Changes’ function in Microsoft Word to highlight any changes made. This allows you to view all word insertions, deletions and modifications made to your document so you can view the exact editing completed.

Step 7: FREE Revisions if Required

In 99% of cases, clients are pleased with our work the first time. However, we are very happy to revise or clarify any areas of our editing.

We perform revisions at no extra charge provided, that they are within the scope of the original project.

If you request additional work on new content or a change of formatting to that first requested there may be an additional charge. You will always be informed of any additional charges before we begin.

Step 8: A job well done

You have received your document and we have received your payment. If you are happy with our work, we greatly appreciate your feedback. We hope that you will use our services again and look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you.