• Apr. 2020

    Autoroad will cooperate with ERAE, a well-known Korean chassis control and ADAS system supplier, to provide 77GHz mid-range and short-range millimeter-wave radars for a certain Asian vehicle brand model.

  • Mar. 2020

    Autoroad and Digen officially launched the production and supply of ADAS systems based on 77GHz millimeter wave radars for Chinese and global markets.

  • Dec.2019

    December 2019, obtained quality management standard certification IATF 16949 : 2016

  • Oct. 2019

    October 2019, 77GHz short-range millimeter-wave radar ASRR100 and 77GHz medium-range millimeter-wave radar AMRR112 (addition of altimetry, road recognition and auto-alignment) were launched at Autoroad's Fifth Anniversary and New Product Launch Conference.

  • Sep. 2019

    September 2019, Autoroad signed strategic cooperation framework agreements respectively with Digen and ERAE target to jointly promoting the development of ADAS systems and mass production for cooperating OEMs

  • Aug. 2019

    August 2019, Autoroad and Liangdao came to in-depth cooperation, target to jointly improve the automotive millimeter-wave radar test and evaluation and establishment of evaluation system

  • Jul. 2019

    July 2019, Autoroad's SAR technology was recognized by "Global New Energy Vehicle's Frontier Technology" (2019 World New Energy Vehicle Conference)

  • Jun. 2019

    Jun. 2019,The 77GHz medium-range millimeter wave radar has the function of height measurement and self-calibration, and is oriented to data fusion.

  • May 2019

    May 2019, held the Second Automotive Radar High-end Forum together with SAE-China.

  • May 2019

    May 2019, honored"Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprises"certification.

  • Mar. 2019

    Mar. 2019, Autoroad and Soterea, a driverless technology research and development company, formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

  • Dec. 2018

    Dec. 2018, the complete DV experiment of 77GHz MRR was completed.

  • Dec. 2018

    Dec. 2018, the development, test and verification of the sample product of 79GHz SRR and its functions BSD and LCA were completed.

  • Dec. 2018

    Dec. 2018, CEO Zhao Jie had a speech "From Sample Product to Product - How to Develop the Automotive Radar Facing Intelligent Driving" on "2018 China International Auto-driving Congress".

  • Nov. 2018

    Nov. 2018, Autoroad 77GHz MRR was exhibited on 2018 bauma China.

  • Nov. 2018

    Nov. 2018, Product Director had a speech about radar electromagnetic simulation on "2018 Annual Congress of China SAE".

  • Oct. 2018

    Oct. 2018, CEO Zhao Jie had a speech "Automotive Radar Technology Change and Line of Products" on "The Third Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum".

  • Oct. 2018

    Oct., 2018, set up Automotive Millimeter Wave Radar Technology Lab.

  • Sep. 2018

    Sep. 2018, invited by Tripod Tech to exhibite jointly on 2018 World IoT Expo.

  • Aug. 2018

    August 2018, successfully completed small batch production of 77GHz medium-range millimeter wave radar.

  • Jun. 2018

    June 2018, the car installed with Autoroad 77GHz medium-range radar showed ADAS functions of ACC and AEB in Galaxy Project launch event of Shanghai Automobile City.

  • May 2018

    May 2018, held the First Automotive Radar High-end Forum together with Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and established a joint lab with the National Key Laboratory of Microwave Imaging Technology

  • Mar. 2018

    March 2018, invited to Munich Electronica China to exhibit 79GHz SAR 2.0.

  • Mar. 2018

    March 2018, visited by Valeo, the world-renown auto parts supplier.

  • Mar. 2018

    March 2018, CEO Zhao Jie of Autoroad selected as “2018 China 25 Female Rising Stars in Business” by Forbes.

  • Dec. 2017

    At the end of 2017, 77GHz medium-range radar completed more than 100,000km of road test.

  • Nov. 2017

    November 2017, participated in 2017 Changshu Intelligent Vehicle Expo.

  • Sep. 2017

    September 2017, participated in International Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2017 and won the honor of “Best Radar Suppliers of 2017”.

  • Aug. 2017

    August 2017, invested and constructed the general assembly line in Suzhou.

  • Jun. 2017

    June 2017, participated in the First Global Unmanned Conference and Expo (GUCE 2017).

  • May 2017

    May 2017, visited by the State Radio Monitoring Center and Testing Center (SRTC).

  • May 2017

    May 2017, visited by Senior Executives of STMicroelectronics.

  • Mar. 2017

    March 2017, Completed 10-million level Series-A financing.

  • Mar. 2017

    March 2017, participated in China (Chongqing) International Automotive Technology Expo.

  • Mar. 2017

    March 2017, jointly exhibited with STMicroelectronics on Munich Electronica China.

  • Feb. 2017

    February 2017, invited to IWPC (International Wireless Industry Consortium) Automotive Radar Sensor Professional Technology Seminar.

  • Nov. 2016

    November 2016, visited by Audi driving assistance system experts.

  • Oct. 2016

    October 2016, participated in the China-SAE Congress and Exhibition and exhibited the medium and short-range integrated radar.

  • Sep. 2016

    September 2016, visited by senior technical managers of radar from the Daimler headquarter in Germany.

  • Aug. 2016

    August 2016, 77GHz Medium-Range millimeter-wave radar 3.0 was launched.

  • May 2016

    May 2016, visited by automotive electronics directors of ST, the famous worldwide chip supplier; visited by vehicle safety market directors of China and sales directors of the Asia-Pacific Region of Infineon, the famous worldwide chip supplier.

  • May 2016

    May 2016, finished the technical communication with Intelligent Research Institute of Chang’an Auto.

  • Apr. 2016

    April 2016, participated in the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition Auto Parts Show(the 14th), and demonstrated 77GHz millimeter-wave radar 1.0 and 2.0.

  • Apr. 2016

    April 2016, visited by Shanghai New Technology Research Center and engaged in the road test of millimeter-wave radar with the real vehicle.

  • Apr. 2016

    April 2016, cooperated with BAIC to launch 77GHz medium-range radar in the 2016 Beijing Automobile Exhibition, with main technical parameters comparable to international leading enterprises.

  • Mar. 2016

    March 2016, visited by the sales directors of NXP in charge of China and Asia Pacific, the famous worldwide chip supplier.

  • Sep. 2015

    September 2015, Long Range Millimeter Wave Radar 2.0.

  • May 2015

    May 2015, Long Range Millimeter Wave Radar 1.0.

  • Nov. 2014

    November 14, 2014, Beijing Autoroad Tech Co., Ltd. was established.

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