millimeter wave radar technology laboratory

Automotive Millimeter Wave Radar Technology Laboratory

Automotive Millimeter Wave Radar Technology Laboratory (“Automotive Radar Lab”) is a laboratory independently established by Beijing Autoroad Tech Co., Ltd. (“Autoroad”) and focuses on the leading edge technology of automotive millimeter wave radar.

Automotive Radar Lab aims at the research of key technologies in the frontiers of science to promote the production and industrialization of frontier radar technologies in the unmanned driving field, lay a good basis for the research and development of the future generations of automotive radar technology, and meanwhile establish and develop an excellent subject team.

Automotive Radar Lab is engaged in the R&D and realization of automotive radar technology related theories, high-tech, application projects, intellectual property protection, products and their testing and verification standards; aims at researching advanced technologies such as automotive millimeter-wave radars and talent training and enables the research, internships, workplaces and funding; and promotes the research results of automotive radar technology in the fields of unmanned driving and intelligent driving and facilitates the industrial application of radar products.



Scientific research trends

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