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  • Who Are We …

    Beijing Autoroad Tech Co., Ltd. (“Autoroad”), established in 2014, is a high-tech innovative enterprise specialized in the core sensors for intelligent driving. Its main products include automotive millimeter wave radar system and automotive SAR imaging radar system. The company owns a multitude of key patented technologies, such as automotive millimeter-wave radar system design, antenna design, radar signal processing algorithm, target recognition and classification and target tracking and millimeter-wave SAR imaging.

    Autoroad, the first Chinese innovative enterprise that achieves the R&D and testing, full verification and mass production of 77GHz automotive millimeter-wave radar, deeply probes into the automotive millimeter-wave radar technologies and devotes to providing high-quality products and services for automatic driving industry system of China and all over the world.

  • We Hope That You Can …

    Have dreams and ambitions, and be willing to accept challenge.

    Be proactively enterprising and passionate about work.

    Be good at exploring, and have curiosity and pursuit of science and research and the unknown world.

  • Reasons for You to Join Autoroad

    Leading the technological innovation, changing and looking into the future.

    Competitive salary and benefits and comprehensive training mechanism.

    Limited overtime, unlimited snacks.

    Here, your talent will bring fresh vitality and solid strength to the foreseeable future of China’s automated driving. Let us work together to make fruitful efforts to change and achieve the future lifestyle.

How to Find Us …

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