79GHz Automotive SAR Imaging Millimeter Wave Radar

Product description

Autoroad applies FMCW-SAR (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave – Synthetic Aperture Radar) technology to realize real-time two-dimensional imaging of roadside scenes through SSAR (short-range SAR imaging radar) installed on the side of the car, which helps vehicles respond to complex traffic conditions. During the real-time imaging of automotive SAR, the vehicle can travel along straight and curved paths at a speed of 4 km/h to 120 km/h.

The intelligent parking space detection solution based on 79GHz SSAR system can provide high-resolution radar imaging at a relatively low cost. Through real-time image processing and logical decision-making, the intelligent parking system can be provided with parking information, including available parking spaces, obstacle size and location, vehicle position and its relative distance and position.

Autoroad SAR Imaging Radar features high-resolution imaging with new algorithm and physical model through only one transceiver channel and one antenna unit. The SAR imaging radar can launch large-broadband signal to ensure high range resolution. The SAR is installed on the side of the automobile to take advantage of automobile movement to compound equivalent long aperture and ensure high azimuth resolution. Finally, combining range and azimuth resolution, it will generate HD two-dimensional radar images and build accurate modeling of surrounding scenes. Through the establishment of target database and machine learning ability, SAR finally obtains the target classification and recognition ability.

SAR Imaging Identification Diagram

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