Sensing System of Automated Driving

Automotive millimeter-wave radar is the key and core part in the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), with the working frequency band being 21.65GHz to 26.65GHz and 76GHz to 81GHz. The common working frequency of automotive millimeter-wave radar is around 24GHz, 77GHz and 79GHz. Automotive millimeter-wave radar has the abilities of long-distance detection, all-weather work, vehicle speed measurement and strong temperature stability; and it is not be affected by the weather and sunlight and has obvious advantages in the harsh environment such rain, snow and smoke.

The three types of sensors have their own application characteristics and advantages in the automated driving system, and they can cooperate and conduct the system fusion. For example, for the identification of barriers, the camera can classify them by deep learning, the millimeter-wave radar can detect and identify their motion speed, distance, angle, etc.; both the camera and the LiDAR can be used for lane line detection; and the camera is primarily used for the identification of the license plate and the speed limit signs and traffic lights on both sides of the road.


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